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I’m carving three poems in blocks of Orton Scar limestone. The poetry is specially written by Harriet Fraser for her Treefolds, a new Cumbrian landscape project being created in collaboration with partner Rob Fraser. ( The first poem, carved across 11 stones, is complete and has been built into a Treefold at Great Asby.

July 2017

Commissioned by Friends of Ullswater, I am carving verses into rocks in Hallin Wood, on the newly established Ullswater Way. The words were written by Kathleen Raine whose poetry was inspired by her many visits to Martindale.

Three extracts were selected from two of her poems: Night in Martindale and On Leaving Ullswater. The native rocks are situated a few meters apart along a contour above the footpath, where incidentally evidence of charcoal-burning has been found - look out for a low-level sign directing walkers up the hill.

March 2017

midlife creative diversion

Sketches underway for hoopoe cards - possibly wallpaper

July 2017