Meeting: I carry out commissions for lettering in stone, relief carving and illustration. After initial contact has been made, a meeting is arranged, either at my studio or on site, to discuss details of the project - the shape, size and type of material; style of letterform; design and layout; timescale and budget.

Drawings and estimate: I will then send drawings based on our discussions, with an estimate for the cost of the work to be carried out. At this stage there is the opportunity for revisions and changes to the design, and further drawings may be made.

Ordering stone: once the design is agreed on (and in the case of a memorial, once permission has been granted), a 50% deposit is required before the stone is ordered from the quarry.

Carving and installation: when the stone arrives I will inform the client. The design is then drawn onto the stone and carving begins. Clients may visit the studio to view work in progress and, usually at this stage, a clear indication of completion date can be given.

Terms: the balance is due when the work has been delivered and installed. Payment should be made within 28 days (there is no VAT). Design copyright is owned by the artist unless otherwise agreed.